KRACE is made up of Four guys who have fun on and off of the stage.  Their tight harmonies, tasteful instrumental work, and pure enjoyment of performing on stage shine through at every show.  This band gives thanks for all of it's talents to the Lord and gives praise for the finished work on Calvary!

Kevin-Guitar, Vocals


Kevin Richardson makes his home in Seagrove, NC.  From a young age, he has been a master of the guitar and dominated local and national guitar competitions and played with regional bands including the Pizza Hut Showdown winners "Southern Drive".  He has played on the professional level and recorded numerous albums with "Lou Reid and Carolina" and "Larry Stephenson".  In 2010 Kevin played the guitar and added his dynamic vocals to the IBMA Recorded Event of the Year "I'll Fly Away".  He has now stepped out on his own to form this band and is showing his outstanding musical leadership abilities and that he is more than a sideman.

"I was raised in bluegrass. As a kid, my dad and mom played in several bluegrass gospel bands, so it was a natural fit for me. After my father passed away, my two brothers and our mom formed the group Right Track and enjoyed success regionally around our home in North Carolina. In 2005, after nine enjoyable years, the group disbanded and I played in various short lived groups until joining up with Kevin Richardson when he formed Cuttin' Edge in 2009. I am blessed to be playing my best music to date with people I call friends."

Scott Burgess

Scott-Bass, Vocals


  Milom Williams II is from Spartanburg, SC and began playing guitar at the age of 8, shortly followed by the mandolin a few years later.  At only 22 years old, he is equally adept at each, gaining much professional experience on both instruments. As a member of The Watkins Family and The Skip Cherryholmes Quintet, he has showcased his ability as not only a player, but also a lead and harmony vocalist.  He has been a frequent addition to the esteemed gospel group, The Rochesters, for several years and has filled-in with many artists, including Volume Five and Darrin Beachley.
   In 2009, Milom was asked by Kevin Richardson to join his band, Cuttin Edge, where he exhibited his talent as a songwriter, vocalist and mandolinist for the next three years. After a brief venture away from the band, he is excited to enjoy another opportunity as a member of KRACE.

Milom Williams